From next September 1st , the  EBU will create a new title, the EBU Silver Title, which replaces  the EU & EEU titles.

Below we explain some of the basic lines of this new title:

From the mentioned date, EBU will publish monthly three classifications: EBU ratings, EBU female ratings and EBU Silver ratings. All boxers ranked in the EBU Silver ratings will be eligible to compete for the new titles.

The current European Union champions will become automatically in EBU Silver Champions in that date and the same applies to the official challengers.

The winner of the EBU Silver title will be ranked at least 4th in the EBU ratings.

The fees of this title will be those currently established for EU and EEU titles (2000 € for the Championship bout and 1000 € for the belt) and the same applies to the officials (400 € for the Referee & for each of the three judges and 400 € for the supervisor).

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