European  Boxing  Union  asbl


70 years of European Championships


The European Boxing Union Asbl, well known as EBU


Develops and promotes European professional boxing


The European Boxing Union Asbl (known as EBU) develops and promotes European professional boxing, controls the different EBU, EU, Female and EE-EU Championships and awards the titles of Champion.

It was founded in 1948 in Paris by eight starting Federations: Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and the first President was Mr J. Onslow Fane, from  U.K. 

Nowadays counts about 40 Federations members and an average of 50 Championship fights every year.

All the decisions concerning championships and boxers are taken by the President with the coordination of the General Secretary in accordance with the EBU Championships Rules.

Every month new Ratings are compiled by a specific Ratings Commission, on the basis of the boxers activity.

On the ring, specific EBU Rules are given.

While the registered office of the EBU is in Belgium, the General Secretariat is based in Rome.

Calendar '17


    With the new year 2018, the EBU cuts the tape of 70 years of championships.