• EBU Board Meeting – 27th October 2018 – Pompei


  • it has been decided to strongly recommend all the staging promoters to send the contracts to the boxers for the signature immediately after the schedule of the fight.

  • On the contrary, the promoter cannot have any to claim if one of the boxers is not able to respect the date scheduled for other commitments, as the belated communication of the execution date can cause this kind of disease.

  • We recommend to respect this indication in order to avoid last-time forfeitures and several postponements of the same fight.

  • On the other side, the boxers who will not respect the 28-days term between two contiguous fights, will be stripped off the title (if champions) or will lose the position of official challenger EX-OFFICIO, without reservations.


 EBU Board Meeting – 2nd June 2017 – Brussels

Starting from 1st September 2017, the EBU Champion belts, due to the increase in production costs,  will cost Euro 1.000,00 per unit.

EBU General Meeting – 7th June 2014 – Hamburg

The General Meeting decided that -starting from January 2015- the annual subscription fee to be paid as EBU Ring Official will amount to Euro 200,00.

EBU Board Meeting – 7th December 2013 – Paris

Concerning the annual subscription of the Federation, the Council agreed that Euro 300,00 will be adding to the amount of calculating according point 2-4 of the internal rules for all members.

EBU Board Meeting – 10th June 2011 – Dublin

Concerning the appointment of a Challenger after a loss, the Ratings Commission, at its discretion, will examine each case and will decide on the appointment.

Concerning the rule to remove from the ratings the boxers inactive for more than one year, it is decided that such a rule cannot be applied to the champion and the mandatory challenger.

Boxers performing on meetings organized by federations not member of the EBU the Ratings Commission will remove them from the ratings for one year and afterwards, on request of the respective federation, they can be rated again.

Only boxers affiliated at least one year to an EBU member federation or organisation can be rated.

Boxers holding a European title from another organisation will not be rated. One year after he has relinquished this title he can be rated again. The challenger will be removed from the rating for one year.

For contests where no bid is received after a second call, the Council affirms that in such a case the two boxers will be replaced.

EBU Board Meeting – 3rd November 2011 – Cancun


The terms for the mandatory defence are extended from 6 to 9 months.

EBU General Meeting – 12th June 2010 – Madrid

EBU FEMALE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Starting from 1st July 2010, for all the EBU Female championships, the acting Officials will be as follows:

  • 1 scoring referee

  • 2 judges

  • 1 Supervisor

EBU Board Meeting – 10th October 2009 – Paris

Agreement among the EBU Affiliated Federations
The text of the Agreement is approved with the “recommendation” to the affiliated federations to respect such an agreement.
Consequently, the art 15 of the Championship rules is cancelled.

Ratings standard
The age of the boxers has been brought to 18 instead of 20.

The boxer shall have disputed at least 8 fights before fighting for an EBU title.

– a boxer who lost his last fight cannot dispute the EBU title unless approval of the Ratings Commission.
– a boxer cannot be rated if he is inactive for 12 months, same procedure for the challenger already appointed.
– the asterisk is assigned in the case a boxer (champion or challenger) relinquishes the position after the purse offers have been awarded or the contracts have been signed. Consequently the art.6.1.3 is cancelled.

20th July 2009

The EBU Council, on proposal of the Officials Commission, has authorised the extension of the retirement age for the EBU judges from 67 to 70, starting from 1st August 2009.

The retirement age for the EBU referees remains to 65.

EBU Council Meeting – 20th October 2007 – Minsk

  • RATINGS COMMISSION: The composition of the Ratings Commission will be based on a rotation system. Except for the President Mr Bob Logist and the Chairman Mr Pertti Augustin, one of the 3 other members shall be replaced every 6 months.The first replacement will be held on 1 st January 2008.

  • VOTES: Starting from 1 st January 2008 every Federation is entitled to 3 additional votes for each European Championship contest executed by their affiliated promoters during the calendar year and to 1 additional vote for the EU, External-EU and Women championships.

21st March 2007


The EBU Council decided that the champion shall have priority right to select the colour of his trousers and, in the event that the two boxers fighting for the vacant title have the trousers of the same colour, the local Federation shall decide which boxer shall dress another colour of trouser .

EBU Council Meeting – 3rd February 2007 – Brussels

in force starting from 1 st July 2007

EU and EE-EU Championships:

1) The Officials acting for these championship contests will be formed by: 1 referee, 3 judges and the Supervisor. The promoter shall provide to the 5 persons: travel, accommodation and meals plus a fee of EURO 400,00 each.

2) The champion of EU and EE-EU titles shall be placed in the EBU ratings within the first 10 boxers of the EBU ratings.

EBU Council Meeting – 3rd June 2006 – Belgrade

The Council has agreed that a promoter that wins a championship contest to the purse offers shall organize the contest within 60 days from the date of opening of the bids.

The fight cannot be held organized before 21 days from the date of opening of the bids unless agreement of the involved parties.

EBU Council Meeting – 4th March 2006 – Madrid

The Council Members decided to raise the number of the rounds for the championship contests of the European Union from 10 to 12 rounds.

The resolution will be operative starting from 1st June 2006.

EBU Council Meeting – 8th October 2005 – La Linea de la Concepcion

– The Council Members decided to conform the weight of the gloves for the EBU/EU Championships like it is for the world contests.

  • From Flyweights to Welterweights included: it shall be adopted gloves of 8oz ;

  • From Super-Welterweights to Heavyweights : it shall be adopted gloves of 10oz.

The resolution will be in force starting from 1st January 2006 .

– For the EBU, EU and Women championships, the standing count is not allowed;

– The amount of the penalties due by the promoters or boxers for the championships of the European Union corresponds to the 50% of the EBU championships’ fines.

EBU Council & General Meetings – June 10th & 11th , 2005 – Wien

– It has been decided to amend the art. 8.8 of the Boxing Rules, that will read : “ The sound of the bell shall not interrupt the count over a fallen boxer in all the rounds…….. omissis …… ”

– In relation to the art. 7.10.2 of the Association it has been risen the amount of the annual subscription of the affiliated Federation from 70 to 100,00 Euro for each vote, with a minimum of Euro 100,00, starting from 1st January 2006.

EBU Council Meeting – December 4th, 2004 – Berlin

– The Referees and Judges working for the so-called EBA titles shall not appointed for the EBU, EU and Women Championships;

– Up to the General Meeting of 2005, the medical evidences required to the boxers disputing the EBU, EU and women titles as concerns the EBU it is confirmed CT or MRIscan with the exception of the U.K. where it is required obligatorily the RMI/RMA.

– Starting from 1st January 2005, besides the travel and subsistence fees, the Supervisors shall receive for the EBU titles Euro 700,00 and for the EU titles Euro 500,00.

EBU General Meeting – June 12th 2004 – Madrid


Starting from 12th June 2004 all the boxers participating to the EBU and EU championships shall send their weight to the General Secretariat 15 days before the date of the fight.

At their arrival, 3 days before the contest, the boxers shall be weighed again while the official weigh-in will be held the day before the contest, as stated by the Regulations.

The boxer disputing the EBU or EU championship contest shall weigh:

– 15 days before the contest not over 7% of the weight-limit of his division;

– 3 days before the contest, not over 3% of the weight-limit of his division.

In the case the boxer is overpassing such limits, then the local doctor shall be heard and it depends of how much he is over to decide if he can fight for the title.

EBU Council Meeting – September 27th 2003 – Paris

– Starting from 27th September 2003, the jury acting for the Championships of the European Union shall be formed by:



EBU General Meeting – June 7th 2003- Prague

– Starting from 15th July 2003, the purse bids for all the European Championships shall be sent to the EBU General Secretariat, through the National Federations, in double sealed envelope. Therefore, all purse offers transmitted by fax and not deliveded in sealed envelope, shall be considered null and void.

– The penalty to the boxers (champion or challenger), withdrawing their position after the award of the purse offers or the agreement, shall reduced to 6 months instead of 12 months. The payment of Euro 3.300 penalty is still in force.

EBU General Meeting – June 7th 1997 – Helsinki

If the promoter winner of the purse offers for the EBU Championship contest is not in condition to set up the date of the contest when sending the bid, he has 15 days to communicate it to the General Secretariat.


EBU List of Ring Officials download



Copie des Statuts parus au Moniteur Belge 
Avec modifications de Buvda 2008, Madrid 2010, Dublin 2011  Hamburg 2014, Belgrade 2018 and Riga 2022 


European Boxing Union asbl

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EBU Championships (1 Referee + 3 Judges):

Officials: € 700,00 each – Supervisor: € 700,00 – Belt: € 1.000,00

Championships of the European Union, Women & External-EU (1 Referee + 3 Judges):

Officials: € 400,00 each – Supervisor: € 400,00 – Belt: € 1.000,00


The amount due to the EBU, as minimum sanction fee for the European Championships, shall be as follows:

EBU Championships:

– From flyweights to super-featherweights included: € 4.700,00

– From lightweights to middleweights included: € 4.850,00

– From super-middleweights to heavyweights: € 5.000,00

In the case the total of the boxers’ purses overcomes the minimum, it is applied the 5% of the total of the purses as sanction fee (*EBU FIGHTS)

Always for EU/Women & EEU Championships : € 2.000,00

All travel and accommodation expenses are at promoter’s charge.


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Via Topino, 37
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