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The city of Liege (Belgium) will host the 9th EBU Officials Seminar & the EBU Board Meeting on 28th/29th October next at the : Globales Post Hotel & Wellness Rue Hurbise 160 B-4040 Herstal / Liège Tel: +32 (0) 4 264 64 00


We inform you that – starting from 1stOctober 2022 – we will accept only the offers as per our original rules: they must be delivered by hand, sent by express courier orpost (we do recommend always to not use registered mail) and NO MORE BY EMAIL

Meeting EBU/FPI in Rome

On 27th June 2022 the EBU President Mr Peter Stucki and the President of the FPI/Federazione Pugilistica Italiana Mr Flavio D’Ambrosi had a very important and constructive meeting in Rome. They touched several important issues and they both agreed on the importance of the Italian boxing in the EBU.

EBU Awards

In the occasion of the last General Assembly held in Riga on 4th June 2022, we gave the EBU Awards 2022, based on the fights of 2021, as follows: CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE YEAR: KERMAN LEJARRAGA VS DYLAN CHARRAT – BARCELONA – 11.09.2021 PROMOTER OF THE YEAR: MATCHROOM SPORTS – UK BOXER OF THE YEAR: DAVID …

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New Board 2022

EBU General Assembly 2022

In the occasion of the last EBU General Assembly held in Riga on 4th June 2022, these are the results of the elections:

President: Mr Peter Stucki (CH)
Vice – Presidents: Domingo Matas (ES) – Charles Giles (UK)
Board Members : Peter Stucki (CH), Charles Giles (UK), Domingo Matas (ES),
Beate Poeske (DE), Pertti Augustin (FI), Dominique Nato (FR), Marco Giuliani
(BE), Jesper Jensen (DK), Jekaterina Krilova (LV), Alina Shaternikova (UA), Jack
Schmidli (CH)


  The European Boxing Union (EBU), joining the urgent plea of the sports world to cease fire and end the war in Ukraine, will – from today on –  not certify any championship contests involving boxers from Russia and Belarus until further notice.   We are united with the boxing world asking for peace and …

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Considering the present period, linked to Covid-19 pandemic, that brought a lot of restrictions in travelling and difficulties in sending post, together with the common intention to limit all the unnecessary contacts among people , we inform all the affiliated promoters that, starting from today, this office will accept, exceptionally, also the offers sent by e-mail …

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