Jan 2015


1. The titles of the European Union would be under the jurisdiction of the European Boxing Union (EBU), with its own competition rules and under the supervision of the Executive Committee and its President.

2. All rules for the EU title will be the same as the EBU title

3. To be eligible to take part in a European Union bouts the boxers must have a passport or ID of one of the EU member Countries and also be in possession of a license issued by the corresponding Federation.

4. The Supervisor will be appointed by the EBU President among its members as it is the procedure for the EBU bouts. When a title of the European Union is held in a non-European Union Member State in which there is a member of the Executive Committee, he will be the Supervisor for said bout, thus reducing the cost for the promoter.

5. Those boxers proclaimed European Union Champions will be eligible for inclusion in the (EBU) European Boxing Union ratings.

6. The titles of the European Union has been in force since 1st January 2002.

7. The promoter will pay the European Boxing Union (EBU) the following fees: 2.000 Euro for the Championship bout 850 Euro for the belt. The promoter will pay the Officials and the Supervisor, in addition to the travel, meals and accommodation expenses as it is for the EBU titles, the following amounts: 400 Euro for the Referee & for the three Judges (each) 400 Euro for the Supervisor.