trainer: 1
..test shall be promoted. In submitting a purse offer, the Promoter accepts the travel and accommodation expenses of three persons (boxer, manager, and trainer) shall be paid by him for three days for visiting Boxers. 7.4. If either 7.4.1. No purse offers are received within the time limit specified 7.4.2. The purse offer or offers received are considered by the E.B.U. Council, at its absolute discretion, to be of an reasonable amount; the General Secretariat  than calls for a new purse bid procedure by notifying affiliated National Associations. In such circumstances, the EBU Council may direct that purse offers are to be submitted within such period as it deems fit. When purse offers are called for the second time, the short terms shall be of 15 days and the very short terms shall be of 7 days. 7.5. No contest will be approved by the E.B.U. Co......

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