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EBU - Agreement

..sbl Wien, June 01-2O13         AGREEMENT BETWEEN EBU-AFFILIATED FEDERATIONS   Ref: I62013     In order to ensure medical protection, drug-free boxing, competent and safe refereeing, correct and neutral judging and generally as much safety as possible for all boxers involved, the undersigned EBU-Affiliated Federations agree herewith independently from the EBU to observe the following standards for all the contests they approve of:     General   Boxers will always be licensed by the EBU-Affiliated Federation of the country in which the boxer is living, provided there is such a Federation. Exceptions are possible only with the written authorization of that Federation. This principle is applicable from …1st September 2013 on. In case of queries art. 4 will apply. No EBU-Affiliated Fede......



..egories are the same with the addition of the Super-flyweight, Light-flyweight and Straw-weight ones.   In addition to the required medical exams, there must be added: pregnancy test and pelvic echography (as indicated in the Women medical report) ...



..N (FR) Mr Charles John GILES (UK) Mr Marco GIULIANI (BE) EBU Honorary Member Mr Robert DESGAIN (B) Chairman Medical Commission Professor Mario Ireneo STURLA (IT) Chairman Professor Walter Wagner (DE) Professor Ashwin Patel (UK) Account auditor Mr Jean Louis Vandendael Mrs Stéphanie Petre ...


EBU - Resolutions

.. Judges working for the so-called EBA titles shall not appointed for the EBU, EU and Women Championships; - Up to the General Meeting of 2005, the medical evidences required to the boxers disputing the EBU, EU and women titles as concerns the EBU it is confirmed CT or MRIscan with the exception of the U.K. where it is required obligatorily the RMI/RMA. - Starting from 1st January 2005, besides the travel and subsistence fees, the Supervisors shall receive for the EBU titles Euro 700,00 and for the EU titles Euro 500,00.   EBU General Meeting - June 12th 2004 - Madrid   WEIGH-IN FOR THE EBU-EU CONTESTS Starting from 12th June 2004 all the boxers participating to the EBU and EU championships shall send their weight to the General Secretariat 15 days before the date of the fight. At their arrival, 3 days before the contest, the boxers s......



..ctive of who wins or loses.   4.5 The exact weights of the Boxers will be announced in the ring immediately before the contest.   4.6 A Medical examination shall take place at the weigh-in at which the Doctor approved by the Affiliated National Association to conduct such medical examination shall satisfy himself that the Boxers are medically fit to box.   Article 5 - The Seconds 5.1 The number of Seconds shall not exceed four. For the purposes of this Article seconds include all the persons assisting a Boxer during the course of the contest. 5.2 Before each contest the Chief Second who shall be in charge in the Boxer's corner must identify himself to the Referee. The Seconds must obey the orders of the Referee. During the rounds the Seconds must keep silent, they must not advise o......


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