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..ecuted by their affiliated promoters during the calendar year and to 1 additional vote for the EU, External-EU and Women championships.   21st March 2007   COLOUR OF TROUSERS The EBU Council decided that the champion shall have priority right to select the colour of his trousers and, in the event that the two boxers fighting for the vacant title have the trousers of the same colour, the local Federation shall decide which boxer shall dress another colour of trouser .   EBU Council Meeting - 3rd February 2007 - Brussels   in force starting from 1 st July 2007 EU and EE-EU Championships: 1) The Officials acting for these championship contests will be formed by: 1 referee, 3 judges and the Supervisor. The promoter shall provide to the 5 persons: travel, accommodation and meals plus a fee of EURO 400,00 each. 2) The champio......

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