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EBU - Agreement

..y from the EBU to observe the following standards for all the contests they approve of:     General   Boxers will always be licensed by the EBU-Affiliated Federation of the country in which the boxer is living, provided there is such a Federation. Exceptions are possible only with the written authorization of that Federation. This principle is applicable from …1st September 2013 on. In case of queries art. 4 will apply. No EBU-Affiliated Federation will license a boxer nor an official who has been licensed before by another EBU-Affiliated Federation or who is living in another country without the written authorization of that Federation. No EBU-Affiliated Federation will allow a boxer nor an official to take part in a contest (in their home country or abroad) that does......



..n Champion. Such challenges in the case of eligible Boxers must be made through the Affiliated National Association by which the challenging Boxer is licensed.   Article 2 - Role of E.B.U. 2.1. European Championships shall be controlled by the E.B.U. through the E.B.U. Council which shall be responsible for conducting such Championships in accordance with these Regulations.   Article 3 - Eligibility To be eligible to take part in a contest for a European Championship a Boxer must : 3.1. be at least 18 years of age ; and 3.2. be domiciled and a national of a European Country ; 3.3. have boxed at least five of his last ten fights in Europe. 3.4. be licensed by an Affiliated National Association ; and 3.5. be approved by the E.B.U. Council. 3.6. not holding any World Title of any Federation.   ......



..ble to be rated in the EBU ratings a boxer must be : (a) at least 18 years of age; and (b) domiciled in and a citizen of a European country (c)  licensed at least one year by an EBU  Affiliated federation or organization   Article 4 – Weights The weight categories recognized by the Board of Directors are defined in Article 4 of the EBU Boxing Rules. Article 5 – Standards of rating As a general rule the Ratings Committee at its complete discretion shall rate only boxers who are capable of competing for EBU, EU,EE-EU or women titles respectively. Male boxers must have fought  at least 8 contests, one of them  scheduled to be over 8 rounds. Of these contest at least two contests in last 24 months must have taken place in Europe. Totally at least 5 of boxers last 10 fights must have taken place in Europe and been sanctioned by EBU Affili......



..ligible to take part in a European Union bouts the boxers must have a passport or ID of one of the EU member Countries and also be in possession of a license issued by the corresponding Federation.   4. The Supervisor will be appointed by the EBU President among its members as it is the procedure for the EBU bouts. When a title of the European Union is held in a non-European Union Member State in which there is a member of the Executive Committee, he will be the Supervisor for said bout, thus reducing the cost for the promoter.   5. Those boxers proclaimed European Union Champions will be eligible for inclusion in the (EBU) European Boxing Union ratings.   6. The titles of the European Union has been in force since 1st January 2002.   7. The promoter will pay the European Boxing Union (EBU) the following fees: 2.000 Euro for th......


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