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EBU - Agreement

EBU AGREEMENT       EUROPEAN BOXING UNION asbl Wien, June 01-2O13         AGREEMENT BETWEEN EBU-AFFILIATED FEDERATIONS   Ref: I62013     In order to ensure medical protection, drug-free boxing, competent and safe refereeing, correct and neutral judging and generally as much safety as possible for all boxers involved, the undersigned EBU-Affiliated Federations agree herewith independently from the EBU to observe the following standards for all the contests they approve of:     General   Boxers will always be licensed by the EBU-Affiliated Federation of the country in which the boxer is living, provided there is such a Federation. Exceptions are possible only with the written authorization of that Federation. This principle is applicable from …1st September 2013 on. In case o......



  EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS RULES EUROPEAN BOXING UNION asbl EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS RULES   Article 1 - Introduction 1. These regulations shall be extended to all EBU Championships and the Championship bouts shall be governed by the EBU boxing rules in full agreement with the affiliated member in charge.   1.1. Subject to the following, any Boxer shall be permitted to issue a challenge for the title of European Champion. Such challenges in the case of eligible Boxers must be made through the Affiliated National Association by which the challenging Boxer is licensed.   Article 2 - Role of E.B.U. 2.1. European Championships shall be controlled by the E.B.U. through the E.B.U. Council which shall be responsible for conducting such Championships in accordance with these Regulations.   Article 3 - Eligibility To be eligi......



EBU - RATINGS STANDARD   EBU - RATINGS STANDARD Edition  12 June 2011 EUROPEAN BOXING UNION asbl   Ratings Committee   Article 1 – Introduction The Rating Committee has been appointed and works according to Article 18.3 of the Constitution and Article 7 of the European Boxing Union Internal regulations. Article 2 – Function of the E.B.U. Ratings Committee The Ratings Committee works and decides independently from the Board of Directors. Appeals from EBU members or Affiliated National Associations against decisions made by the Ratings Committee have to be heard and determined by the Disputes Settlement Committee (Internal Regulations 9.1) The Ratings Committee will compile each month a table of up to 20 boxers in each of the weight categories recognized by the Board of Directors (Boxing Rules Article 4), such table to be b......



EUROPEAN BOXING UNION asbl   Copie des Statuts parus au Moniteur Belge N° d’entreprise 880245306 Avec modifications de Buvda 2008, Madrid 2010, Dublin 2011 et Hamburg 2014     ...


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